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Larionov Michael Fedorovich
M.F.Larionov was born in a family of the military medical assistant. In provincial Tiraspol have passed its childhood. In 1898 it has arrived in МУЖВЗ where studied at K.A.Korovin and V.A.Serova. In school Larionov has got acquainted with N.S.Goncharovoj, its become faithful companion.

For years of study it is necessary the early, impressionist period of creativity of Larionov. In the manner inherited from the French artists he created the whole picturesque series.

Intensity of colour, riches of picturesque invoices distinguish such pictures, as "the Pink bush", "Garden", "Fishes at a decline" (all 1904). These and to it similar products were a success at exhibitions of the Society of Russian aquarellists, СРХ, "the art World", on Russian exposition of Autumn Salon of 1906 in Paris.

In 1907 Larionov has opened for itself national primitive art - Russian popular print, a craft signboard and т. And. A primitiveness stage in creativity of the artist hardly probable not the most fruitful.

Larionov takes a great interest in so-called street culture. There are its series "Dandies" and "Hairdressers". At an exhibition "a jack Of diamonds" 1910 it shows the cloth "Bread" reminding a signboard of a bakery. At an exhibition "Asinine tail" 1912, organised by Larionov where also participated N.S.Goncharov, K.S.Malevich, V.E.Tatlin, and V.Shevchenko, M. 3. Walked, pictures from "a soldier's series" have been exposed. In them own impressions of the artist of military service which to it should be passed after the school termination in 1910 have affected

Larionov's primitiveness found inspiration sources even in intaking drawings and inscriptions.
In 1910th Larionov has proved as the brilliant organizer: he has headed group of young Moscow artists, in 1913 has prepared an exhibition of a popular print which included east and European national pictures, signboards, printing spice-cakes, etc., many - from Larionov's collection; has the same year held an exhibition icon-written originals and popular prints.

He takes active part in the art debates which were extended during that time. In particular, in 1913 debate on a theme "the East, a nationality and the West", preceding opening of an exhibition "Target" has taken place. On it Larionov and its group have accurately designated the "east" orientation. At an exhibition "Target" where products of artists-self-educated persons and children's drawings were shown also, Larionov has presented works from not complete cycle of "Venus" and four canvases "Seasons" (1912) which have been regarded by critics as a call.

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