среда, 21 апреля 2010 г.

I think that the use of e-mail is better than the phone.
1. I simply do not forget about the cases mentioned in the letters because the letters are in the Inbox and the folders are not expanded until it is done. According to the number of letters immediately see how much or little tails I have accumulated:)
2. Letters should not distract from the current work. A letter and waits for myself, when I'll get them.
3. Analyst Matt Cain (Matt Cain) of the company Meta Group conducted a study on communication preferences in the current IT companies. Answers were 387 senior managers of leading IT companies. The overall conclusion of the survey is as follows: Current leaders of the industry prefer to deal with e-mail, rather than with the phone. Moreover, e-mail leads to a clear advantage: 80% of respondents said they believe e-mail a more valuable kind of communication than a phone and 74% said that they would experience more difficulties in the loss of access to email 5 days than at loss of telephone service for the same period of time. Among the explanations for this situation, there are three of the most common: first, when using e-mail process of writing a response and its form can be very flexible, and secondly, the same letter can be sent to multiple people and not waste time for similar discussions with each, and, thirdly, from e-mails are "traces", and a phone conversation in the archive is not podoshesh.

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