четверг, 25 февраля 2010 г.

This is how a number of young people responded when asked "What makes a good friend?"

  • Someone who will support you no matter what
  • Someone you can trust and who won't judge you
  • Someone who won't put you down or deliberately hurt your feelings, but will show kindness and respect
  • Someone who will love you not because they feel they have to because you're their friend, but because they choose to
  • Someone whose company you enjoy and whose loyalty you can depend upon
  • Someone who will be there no matter what your situation is
  • Someone who is trustworthy and not afraid to tell you the truth, no matter how hard it is sometimes
  • Someone who can laugh when you laugh
  • Someone who will stick around when things get rough
  • Someone who makes you smile
  • Someone who can accept you for who you are, and just lend you an ear when you need to whine or complain
  • Someone who will cry when you cry
  • Someone who will give you room to change.

понедельник, 15 февраля 2010 г.

Chickens kept for their fare fo eggs, it is better? Atlast you saw all announcements and boxes of egg which it is proud, declare "the country new" and "only from a countryside", "a farm new". Certainly it means, what hens are free to wander on areas and woods? Certainly is not present! If the egg box actually has not words the FREE RANGE, is exact eggs from intensive systems - batteru units, a canopy or has been deeply littered by canopies. However the majority of the British eggs is made on the integrated poultry cages. They never can spead wings, a scratch in the earth to callect or make a nest, the dust - bathes, searches for food which is tasty and natural, or even to go or run. I disagree with factories that they do with hens! It is necessary to give to hens freedon that they could live normally so it will be better for them!