воскресенье, 19 декабря 2010 г.

Back in 2009, during the Frankfurt book fair, I remember seeing a note on The Bookseller website about a book called A Discovery of Witches. And I quote:
Headline has fought off competition from five other publishers to acquire the 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair's hottest fiction title, The Discovery of 
Witches by Deborah Harkness.
And further more:
The Discovery of Witches is aimed at the adult market and set in a world where four species—vampires, witches, demons and humans—co-exist. A young woman discovers a book in the Bodleian library with strange magical powers, changing her perception of the world around her, so that she can see the other species. Although there is a covenant preventing inter-species relationships, she falls in love with a vampire.
Headline deputy m.d. and publisher Jane Morpeth, who acquired the title, said: "It's just brilliant . . . it will be a major title for us", comparing the style to Anne Rice...
This was enough for me. I couldn't wait to read this new book. Fast forward to maybe a month ago when this gigantic parcel arrived. It was a proof copy of A Discovery of Witches. I remember thinking that it sounded familiar and then of course, I read the PR sheet and went: zomg, this is IT!
I am SO incredibly pleased to be part of the blogtour for this book. The writing is solid, the premise is cool, the research will blow your mind and the characters are engaging and I missed them and their story when I had to put the book away for work or to sleep.
But here, without further fuss, is my exclusive extract of the book. My extract is the final extract of this tour, and it is the fourth extract.

вторник, 30 ноября 2010 г.

An ideal friend in my opinion is some one who I can feel comfortable being myself around. A person that I can relate and talk to about things and enjoy myself around. Someone who can be silly and tell jokes with when we are hanging out together. I think an ideal friend is someone who you can depend on when you need them, and someone you want to help when they need it too.

четверг, 4 ноября 2010 г.

In my apartment at me it is a lot of duties.
In the morning if there is a possibility I am cleaned at itself in a room.
After school I should take out garbage, vacuum and wash floors at myself in a room. Then to wipe a dust from shelves and cases.
After that I follow my younger brother in a garden. There I should dress, take away it clothes which to it is necessary and to take away houses home. To me has carried that a garden still close from my apartment. After that as I have come the lady I should feed, give to drink the brother and sit with it while mum will not come.
In an interval I do homework and I am cleaned in a room.
Though I don't like it to do, but nevertheless is necessary.
At us in a family the contract if has eaten that at once wash ware.
I always wash the ware, and here the others not always sometimes I wash ware for all. Here so I live almost every day, and when
My mum target I basically come from school,do my homework and then I go for a walk with my friends.

четверг, 9 сентября 2010 г.

Idea 1: Game in park

Go to the nearest park or wood, take with itself any toy/and, for example, small balls to learn пожанглировать, or jo-jo simply to be indulged, and it is possible to take with itself the camera and to take a picture of people.

Idea 2: the Flash mob

The Flash mob - in advance planned mass action in which the group of people suddenly appears in a public place and during some time, is literally to steam of minutes, with a serious kind carry out in advance stipulated actions of the absurd maintenance, and then simultaneously and quickly disperse every which way, indifferently.

Idea 3: the Card play

How many kinds of card plays you know and own? Why not to start to master on new game in week or month?!

Idea 4: the Photo

If you have a digital camera, go on photohunting, for example, photograph all people in red either all manholes or supermarkets and so forth rather amusing collection Can turn out.

Idea 5: Reading

It is completely not obligatory to sit down reading of serious product, it is possible to start to read books or magazines which you never would take earlier in hands, for example, a management for cosmonauts or comics.

Idea 6: Art

Be not able to draw? You have time to it to learn! Master Photoshop or draw a simple pencil or paints which will be in the house, and make a collage of different slices of a paper (scraps of wall-paper, a color paper, wrappers from sweets and so forth) and subjects which also are in your house is even better.

Idea 7: Descend on a visit!

Idea 8: Actions

Whether find out passes somewhere an open day or free action. It is possible to get very successfully on any exhibition, the action, a concert or literary reading.

Idea 9: Friends

Will invite friends and arrange house Comedy Club or KVN.

Idea 10: the List

Make the list of desires/purposes on the near future.

Idea 11: Language

Download the audio-textbook and start to study foreign language, culture of this country and kitchen, having prepared behind audio-lesson listening any national dish.

Idea 12: Walk

Take a walk on a city, vicinities.

Idea 13: Supervision

Go to the most crowded a place, be arranged on more convenient, for example, on a shop, and simply observe of people. It can be very interesting, after all people such different. It is possible to do notes.

Idea 14: Writing

Fill to write The book/Verses/Music/Jokes.

Idea 15: Dances

Dance in the street, at home in front of the TV, in park, anywhere.

Idea 16: Stories

Gather with friends and together think up history: one begins, the second continues and so on. Write down creative process on video the chamber or a dictophone.

Idea 17: Romanticism

Meet a dawn or count stars in the sky.

Idea 18: the Hobby

Find to itself a hobby.

Idea 19: the Relax

Arrange to itself Spa procedures directly houses.

Idea 20: Picnic

Arrange picnic in front of the TV.

Idea 21: the Help

Be arranged with the volunteer or help the grandmother/grandfather.

Idea 22: Purely

Tidy up. Will throw out stuff from the house. Give old things and books to children's home.

Idea 23: Music

Listen to street musicians.

Idea 24: Seasons

Use season delights: if now winter, play snowballs, build snowmen, do New Year's cards, skate, skis, a sledge and проч; if now autumn, enjoy walks in parks, collect gold leaflets, and during a rain invite friends, read books and so forth

Idea 25: Games with children

Play with children with, another's in the street, in дестком the house and so forth

вторник, 7 сентября 2010 г.

far / farther / more farthest
beautiful / more beautiful / the most beautiful
big / bigger / the biggest
stupid / more stupid / the most stupid
funny / more funny / the most funny
difficult / more difficult / the most difficult
comfortable / more comfortable / the most comfortable
serious / more serious / the most serious
good / better / the best
happy / happier / the happiest
little / more little / the most little
common / mroe common / the most common
cruel / more cruel / the most cruel
gentle / more gentle / the most gentle
likely / more likely / the most likely
narrow / narrower / the narrowest
pleasant / more pleasant / the most pleasant
polite / more polite / the most polite
shallow / more shalow / the most shallow
simple / more simple / the most simple

воскресенье, 23 мая 2010 г.

In 1783, the most popular man in Europe was the United States ambassador to France, Benjamin Franklin. Franklin with his calm eyes peering through the bifocals of his own invention, projected great learning and fame and captivated the people's imagination. He was always leaving his post at the embassy to watch the trials of a new invention called the air balloon.n November 21 1783, Benjamin Franklin arrived at the gardens of the King's hunting lodge in the Bois de Boulogne, on the outskirts of Paris, to witness an experiment. Two daring Frenchmen, Pilatre de Rozier of the Royal Academy and his friend the Marquis d'Arlandes, were planning to ascend in a Montgolfier air balloon, the first men in history to do so. The crowds gathered to witness the event opened a lane for Benjamin Franklin to pass.

At six minutes to two the aeronauts entered the car of their balloon; and, at a height of two hundred and seventy feet, waved their hats and saluted the applauding spectators. Then the wind carried them away towards Paris. About half a mile from the starting point, the balloon began to descend over the River Seine; but when they fed the fire under their sack of hot air with chopped straw they rose to the elevation of five hundred feet. Safely across the river they dampened the fire with a sponge and made a gentle descent in Paris.

среда, 28 апреля 2010 г.

One day Mary met her uncle's younger brother, Jem. Jem was young and good-looking but he was a horse stealer. He involveing the horses. He stealing the horses for carryng the valuable goods. He always tricking the buyers. One time when the horses carryng the goods the sun shone in the driver's eyes the cart wrecked and the horses was drowned in to the river. The driver was shocked. One local man was insisted to carry the goods on the ship. But the ship has to go wrong way. Suddenly the captain lost control of the ship and then happened a shipwreck.