четверг, 4 ноября 2010 г.

In my apartment at me it is a lot of duties.
In the morning if there is a possibility I am cleaned at itself in a room.
After school I should take out garbage, vacuum and wash floors at myself in a room. Then to wipe a dust from shelves and cases.
After that I follow my younger brother in a garden. There I should dress, take away it clothes which to it is necessary and to take away houses home. To me has carried that a garden still close from my apartment. After that as I have come the lady I should feed, give to drink the brother and sit with it while mum will not come.
In an interval I do homework and I am cleaned in a room.
Though I don't like it to do, but nevertheless is necessary.
At us in a family the contract if has eaten that at once wash ware.
I always wash the ware, and here the others not always sometimes I wash ware for all. Here so I live almost every day, and when
My mum target I basically come from school,do my homework and then I go for a walk with my friends.

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  1. there are a lot of duties, I clean,wash myself,I have to wipe, mother does not come, I clean,and most sent. are wrong